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Gina's guest posts about indexing can be found on the blogs, At Least We're Here and Message in a Bottle.

The American Society for Indexing 

"The American Society for Indexing, Inc. (ASI) is a national association founded in 1968 to promote excellence in indexing and increase awareness of the value of well-written and well-designed indexes. ASI serves indexers, librarians, abstractors, editors, publishers, database producers, data searchers, product developers, technical writers, academic professionals, researchers and readers, and others concerned with indexing. It is the only professional organization in the United States devoted solely to the advancement of indexing, abstracting and related methods of information retrieval."

What is an indexer and why do I need one?

Author's perspectives on the value of the indexer's work:

From The Chronicle of Higher Education, "My Last Index"

Champlain College Publishing, "What About the Worthy Indexer?"

Information on eBooks and the importance of indexes:

The American Society for Indexing Digital Trends Task Force

"Why an ebook still needs an index" 



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